Palm Leaf

Children create their own palm leafs to celebrate Palm Sunday


Celebration, Easter, Jesus, Palm Sunday


Coloring page [PDF] Click here
Crayons or colored markers


Approximately 10 minutes

Boy with palm leaf 


Before class, print out one copy of the coloring page for each child. Ensure you have several green crayons or markers, so the children can work at the same time.


Children will color their Palm leaves green. As children finish coloring their leaf the teacher can help them cut out the palm leaf. If you have child safe scissors you have the option of letting each child cut out his or her own palm leaf.

As the children work on their project, talk about what it would have been like to be in the crowd on Palm Sunday and see Jesus ride by on a young donkey. If the children were in the crowd, what would they have seen and heard on that special day?

Option: You can have the children tape a popsicle stick to the stem to make it more rigid.