Coloring Pages

Sunday school coloring pages are great for opening activities or for a little something extra to enjoy. Each Bible-based coloring page has a special message. More information

What Happened To Jonah?

(Connect-the-dots) Children find out what happened to Jonah for not following God's Will.

Who Am I?

(Connect-the-dots) Children must first connect the dots before they can tell which twin is Jacob and which is Esau in this coloring activity.

Who Is Thankful?

Jesus healed ten men with leprosy; however, only one came back to thank Jesus. Children color ten healed men and find which one appears to be thankful.

Who Is The King Of The Jungle?

Bible coloring page illustrating that Jesus is the king and master of all.

Woman At The Well

Bible coloring page illustrating Jesus talking with a Samaritan woman at the well.

Women At The Tomb

Bible coloring page illustrating women encountering an angel while visiting Jesus' tomb.