Not receiving from God something unpleasant that we deserve (See also grace, works)

"Do not withhold your mercy from me, O LORD; may your love and your truth always protect me." Psalm 40:11


Forgive From The Heart

The children will race to the heart while learning about forgiveness.

Go The Extra Mile

Children will practice going the extra mile to show love to their enemies.

God's Sticky Mercy

This activity will stick in the children’s memories as they participate in an activity about God’s mercy.

Goodness And Mercy

The children will enjoy creating footprints to understand that goodness and mercy follow believers all the days of their lives.

Hugging Hearts Collage

The class will create a group project about forgiveness.

I Want That One

(Coloring Activity) As followers of Jesus, we should not have favorites, but love everyone.

I Want The New

The children will enjoy learning why it is so fun to have new things and connect it with why God wants us to desire new things in Christ.

Keep Tossing

The children will enjoy having unlimited chances to successfully toss bean bags into a bowl.

The Unmerciful Servant

The children will act out a story to remind them to be merciful.


Forgiveness Coin

The children will have fun making a craft reminding themselves that God’ forgiveness is unlimited and new every day.

God Is Rich In Mercy

Bible craft that reminds children of God's rich mercy.

Pray For Your Enemies

Children will enjoy this craft as they learn to love and pray for their enemies.


A New Me

The children will enjoy a card game while learning how to become new in Christ.


Chance After Chance

In this lesson, the children will learn how much God loves them, as He offers them the gift of salvation through Jesus from who they can receive new beginnings.

God Is Holy

This Sunday school lesson will identify God as being perfect and holy as well as explain to children that God’s holiness provided Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.

God Is Merciful

This Sunday school lesson will help children understand that God is merciful and forgiving.

God Will Bless Me

This lesson teaches children that God will provide and bless those that believe and follow Him.

Judging Others

This lesson teaches children that we all need forgiveness and that we should not have a fault-finding attitude toward others.

Love For Enemies

This lesson reveals God’s heart for all people. Children will see why and how we are to love everyone, even our enemies.

The Unmerciful Servant

This lesson will help the children understand that we should forgive others because God forgives us.


Clean Again

This object talk helps children understand God’s love for them.


A simple object talk teaches children that finger-pointing is an act of judging.