Noah Obeys

A skit that teaches children it is important to obey God
(Skit for two, Noah Puppet and person acting the part of God)


Noah, Obedience 


A Noah puppet
A older volunteer to play the part of God (Out of sight - Off stage).
Skit handout [PDF] Click here

Masks from craft "Noah Listens" Click here


Approximately 10 minutes


Before starting the play, give every child in the class (audience) an animal mask or a picture of an animal.
God: Of all the people in the world only you and your family continue to love and obey me.
Noah: Yes Lord, the people have become very wicked and do evil things all day long!
God: I am going to send a flood that will cover the entire earth.
Noah: (Swallows hard and stutters) The entire earth Lord?
God: Yes, but don't worry I have a plan to save you, your family and all the animals. I want you to build a giant boat - which is called an ark.
Noah: Yes Lord I will obey.
(Noah goes off stage and you hear a lot of sawing and hammering. After a couple minutes Noah comes back on stage.)
Noah: Man, that was a big job and it took a long time to complete the ark. But I stayed faithful to God and completed it, even when others made fun of me for following God. Now to get those animals on board the ark!
(Noah points at the audience and calls out to the animals one by one to come into the ark. As the children's animal is called they will come and sit in front of the stage. Ensure that all the kids are "In the ark" before proceeding. If need be, God can help Noah remember which animals still have to be called to come into the ark.)
Noah: (Wiping forehead and whistling) Phew, what a big job, but I did it! All the animals and my family are in the ark!" (Then looking up into the sky) Was that a rain drop I felt? (Noah goes off stage as you hear him saying) Hang on everyone a big storm is on its way, but don't worry, God will take care of us!