Adam Names the Animals

A puppet skit that introduces the children to Adam.
(Skit for one puppet)


Adam and Eve, Animals, Creation 


An animal hand puppet
Skit handout [PDF] Click here


Approximately 10 minutes

  bear puppet

Puppet:  How did I get my name?
You:  Why silly, your mom and dad gave you the name (insert your puppets name here).
Puppet:  (Laughs) I know that, what I mean is why am I called a (Insert type of animal here).
You:  That's a very good question! Let me show you in the Bible.
Puppet:  Great! I LOVE the Bible!
Bookmark Genesis 2:19-20 so you can find it easily. Read the scripture to the children.

After reading the scripture, describe an animal and have the children guess which animal it is, then tell them what Adam named the animal. Use a lot of hand motions. Once the children guess the animal have them repeat the hand motions with you.

Adam saw an animal that had long legs and an even longer neck. This animal could eat leaves off the trees. Adam named this animal... Giraffe.

Next Adam saw an animal that had big floppy ears and a very long nose. This animal's legs were as big as tree trunks. Adam named this animal... Elephant.

The next animal liked to eat carrots, has long floppy ears and a cute white tail. This animal hops along and can run very fast. Adam named this animal... Rabbit.

The next animal had soft wool and says Bah Bah Bah, This animal was named... Sheep.

Adam saw an animal that hops, has a long tail and carries it's baby in it's pouch. Adam called this animal... Kangaroo.

This next animal lives on a farm, eats grass and says Moo. We get milk from this animal. Adam called the animal... Cow.

Adam saw an animal that had big humps on its back. This animal can live in the desert and go for long periods without water. Adam named this animal... Camel.

Adam named all the animals, what a big job!
You:  So you see, you're called a (Insert type of animal here) because that's what Adam named you.
Puppet:  Wow, that's amazing! I can't wait to tell all my friends how I got my name.