God's free gift of eternal life (See also Eternal Life)

"I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6


Diversity Collage

The children will understand that God has made salvation available to all people!

Do You Believe?

This activity demonstrates children's ability to believe in things they have not seen, to show how they can believe in an unseen God.

Finish The Story

Children will discover how God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, so He could show us the way to salvation.

My Prayer Of Faith

Children learn about the "Prayer of Faith," and then develop their own prayer for the appropriate time.

Narrow Path

Walking the narrow road may not be easy, but the reward is worth it. It leads to eternal life with Jesus.

Old Enough To Know

Children use colors and words to demonstrate the awareness of sin within their lives.

Salvation Balloons

The children will identify true and false statements regarding salvation.

What Would I Do To Go To Heaven?

Children rank good deeds for getting to Heaven, only to learn that Heaven is a gift, and cannot be earned.

What's In Your Wallet?

The children will create an ID card to help them remember that their citizenship is in Heaven.


Heavenly Steps To Salvation

Take the children along a heavenly path to salvation by starting with hearing the Word of God and ending with living a new life for Jesus.

Holy Trinity

To show the three persons of God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Perfect for lessons about the Holy Trinity or Salvation.

Jesus Is...

This bulletin board will help children remember five important things that Jesus is.

Narrow Is The Road To Life

A colorful scene showing the difference between the broad road to destruction and the narrow road leading to life as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:14

Now Boarding

Don't wait until it is too late! A bulletin board to help children understand the urgency of receiving God's gift of Salvation.

Salvation Railroad

All aboard the Salvation Railroad! A quick reminder of the different steps every child should understand before being baptized. You can easily create this bulletin board using basic shapes.


Baptism Certificate

Baptism certificates will help every young Christian remember and celebrate the day he or she was baptized into Christ. Suitable for framing.


Father, Forgive Them

As Jesus hung on the cross, He asked His Father to forgive.

My Beautiful Heart

A craft to help children understand how their hearts can become "beautiful" and acceptable to God.

Team Jesus Banner

Children create colorful banners to show others how they are members of Team Jesus.

The Lord Is My Rock

When finished, this craft will be a reminder that the Lord is our fortress, our deliverer, our shield, and the strength of our salvation.


Balloon Messengers

The children will work together to find and gather coins to give an offering to God.

The Narrow Road

According to Jesus there is a narrow road that leads to life, but only few enter through its gate.

The Price Is Right

Children guess the price of several items and discover the real price for Heaven.

Want To Get Home

A fun board game for two teams. Players help a small child left behind at camp get home while discovering what it costs to get to our heavenly home.



The children will learn how God provided for His people in a special place called Egypt.

God's Faithfulness Matters

God is faithful to justify us even though we sin.

Grace Matters

God justifies us through His miraculous grace.

Jesus Dies For Our Sins

In this Easter lesson, children discover that Jesus loves us so much, He willingly died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. When we respond to God's call to repent and ask Jesus to forgive our sins, He washes us clean so we may have eternal life with Him in Heaven.


A five part lesson series designed specifically for those students who are ready to receive Jesus into their hearts, or who are starting to ask questions about being baptized. The goal of this series is to help such children realize that the decision to accept Jesus is something they need to do on their own and that in doing so they can have New Life in Christ.

The Law Matters

Obeying God’s law is part of justification.

The Lost Sheep

Through this lesson children will gain an understanding of God's love for all mankind.

The Promised Land

The children will learn how God provided a special place called the Promised Land.

The Thief On The Cross

God’s helpers choose to speak the truth.

Walk The Narrow Path

Children will choose to walk on the path of righteousness by avoiding ungodly influences and temptations along the way.


A Heart For Jesus

The Holy Spirit can reach our heart no matter how much we may have sinned.

Can't Be Earned

Salvation is a free gift and can’t be earned. No matter how hard we try, our own efforts are useless.

Crushed And Restored

We needn't allow sin to crush us, a restored life awaits us in Christ Jesus.

Dirty Windows

Just as it is difficult to see through a dirty window, we cannot see God clearly through a life of sin.

Don't Sin

The burden of sin makes it hard to walk the narrow path.

Filthy Rags

Can we, being like filthy rags, ever become completely clean? With Jesus we can!

Fully Cleansed

It takes more than doing good things to be born again, it takes the cleansing blood of Jesus.

God's Forgiveness

This Object Talk demonstrates the power of God's forgiveness of our sins through Christ, and how the Holy Spirit can melt away the barriers that keeps us from Him.

More Than A Gift

God gave us His only Son as a special gift. What do we do with this gift is important.

One Way Or Many?

God tells us there is only one way to get to Heaven.


Jesus makes gems out of wrecks.

Serving God

You are never too young or too old, the reward is the same.

Shape Of Sin

An Object Talk to help children see how the only way to be purified of sin is through Jesus.

Sin Gets Heavy

The weight of our own sin is hard for us to bear, but Jesus bore the sins of the world.

Sin Is Gross!

A bubble bath has no effect on sin, it's only Jesus that can make you truly clean.

Sin Spoils

A little bit of mold can ruin a sandwich. Likewise, without Jesus, even a little bit of sin will keep us out of Heaven.

What's In Your Heart?

The love of Jesus can transform an ugly sinful heart into a sweet caring heart.


Baptism Certificate

Baptism certificates will help every young Christian remember and celebrate the day he or she was baptized into Christ. Suitable for framing.


All Sins Forgiven

(Cross-out) Children cross out certain words in this puzzle to reveal the message of 1 Peter 3:18, that Jesus died for our sins to bring us to God.


I Believe In Jesus

Sharing your faith is not always easy, but remember, Jesus is always there to help. (Skit for five persons)


If we don't care about those who are lost, who will? (Skit for three persons)

Those Silly Birds!

The Son of God came to earth as a man to show us the way to Heaven. (Skit for seven)


Straight Down From Heaven My God Came

(Audio Available) A song about God's perfect gift of salvation for all mankind. Sung to the tune “Up On The Housetop"


At The Carnival

(Storybook Available) Follow the great adventure one family had at "The Carnival."