LESSON 5: The Ten Commandments

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After completing this Sunday school lesson, children will learn that we have all sinned and fallen short of God's plans for us, but through faith in Jesus, our sins are forgiven.
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Moses, Commandments, Obedience

AS KIDS ARRIVE (10 minutes)

Ten Commandments Quiz (Activity) Click here
As the children arrive, give them a copy of the Ten Commandments Quiz to work on until the opening prayer.


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MEMORY WORK (6 minutes)

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path." Psalm 119:105 NIV
Have the kids find this verse in their Bibles, and read it several times aloud. Have them close their eyes and try to say the verse again. Discuss the meaning of this verse with the children.


It had been three months since the Israelites left Egypt, and they set up camp at the foot of Mt. Sinai. God called to Moses from the mountain, and Moses went up to Him. God reminded Moses of how He freed the Israelites from Pharaoh, and how the devastation in Egypt demonstrated His power and might. Then God told Moses that if the people obey His covenants, their nation would be great and holy in His sight. Then He told Moses to have the people cleanse themselves and be ready, because in three days the Lord will come down on the mountain. The people should not attempt to go up or even touch the mountain.

So on the third day, there was thunder and lightning with a loud trumpet blast. The mountain was covered with a thick cloud of smoke, because the Lord came onto it with fire. The whole mountain trembled and all the people were afraid. No one was allowed to go to the mountain except Moses. This was the time that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Read Exodus 20:1-20 (The Ten Commandments)

Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think, "You shall have no other gods before me" is the first commandment? (God wants us to put Him above all things. Before our toys, TV, even before our friends.)
2. What does "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord" mean? (The Lord is holy. Using his name in an unholy manner brings judgment to that person.)
3. What is an idol? (Anything that keeps you from spending time with God.)
4. "Honor your father and Mother" must be important because it too is on the list. Why? (Parents want what is best for their children, so they teach and guide them. Children are still learning and really don't know everything yet.)
5. What does covet mean? (It is having a strong desire to have what belongs to someone else.)

CLASS EXERCISE (15 minutes)

The Missing Commandment (Memory Challenge) Click here


Commandments are a Loving Gift (Song) Click here

APPLICATION (5 minutes)

The Ten Commandments are familiar to most people. Sometimes, people believe they are going to heaven just because they have not broken any of the commandments. But the truth is, they probably have. Using the name of God in the wrong way, desiring to have what someone else has, making fun of parents in front of friends, and lying are all breaking one of the commandments. Unfortunately, we all have broken at least one. Everyone has failed one time or another. However, what makes us Christians is placing our faith in Jesus. Through Jesus, our sins are forgiven. Because He died on the cross for us, we have everlasting life with God. 

If time permits, take each Commandment, and have the children give an example of what someone might do that would be breaking that commandment. For example: Honor you father and your mother. A response from a child might be: You are not honoring your father or mother when you talk back to them.


How many times have you taken the long way home? What if you got lost and couldn't find your way home for two days? Would you be afraid? If you come back next week, we will learn about millions of people who wandered around lost for forty years! 

CLOSING PRAYER (2 minutes)

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Give one copy to each child at the end of the class to take home. Click here for NIV or KJV  [PDF]