Closing Prayer

Just as the Opening Prayer is extremely important to the day’s lesson and structure, so too is the Closing Prayer. Not only does it signal that the class has ended, but it also gives you the opportunity to reinforce the lesson and share what was taught one more time. The children will know the lesson has real life application and meaning when it becomes part of the closing prayer. The closing prayer should be brief. Remember, the children are probably anxious to go on to the next phase of their day, and will not likely keep still to hear a long closing pray.

The Closing Prayer should always include the following:

1. Praise to God for the opportunity to be able to hear His Word and learn from it.
2. Application of the Lesson. For example if the lesson was on "Temptation," your prayer may include asking for the Holy Spirit to help everyone during the week whenever they are tempted.
3. Safety and health for the children.
4. That others may see Jesus in our lives.