Commandments Are A Loving Gift

Commandments are a loving gift. Sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”.


Commandments, Moses


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Approximately 10 minutes

Moses and the Ten Commandments

Jesus loves me this I know.
Commandments are the way to go.
He wrote them so we could live.
Thank you Lord for all you give!

First, God said that I am He,
Only one that there will be.
Other gods will never do,
They are false and so untrue.

Second, Idols Make Me mad,
Worship them and you are bad.
I am filled with jealousy,
When you do these things to me.

Third, God said, don't use my name,
With contentment or in vain.
Love should be on all your lips,
This is your Lord's holy tip.

Fourth, God blessed the seventh day,
Keep it Holy every way.
Rest is what I do command,
Work that day is not my plan.

Fifth, you'll live long in the land,
If you do my next command.
Honor mom and daddy too,
This is what I command you.

Sixth, don't murder with your hands,
Not in your heart nor your plans.
You should treat others with love,
This will please me up above.

Seventh, keep yourself holy,
Don't give in to adultery.
There should be a fear in this.
It can start with just a kiss.

Eighth, God said, it's wrong to steal.
Money, toys, or just a meal.
I know everything you need,
I will provide, yes indeed!

Ninth, God said, don't tell those lies,
You can't hide things from my eyes,
Don't cross fingers behind your back
I am God and keeping track.

Tenth, don't want your neighbor's things,
This means all their belongings.
Homes and wives are theirs to keep
Be content with what you reap.

Ask forgiveness when you sin,
God knows just how hard it is.
Jesus paid for our mistakes,
Thank Him for His gift of grace.

Yes, our Lord loves us,                                
Yes, our Lord loves us,                                
Yes, our Lord loves us,                               
He gave us commandments!