Battling Sin

Children have fun removing sin from their side of the battlefield. 


Armor of God, Sin, Stand Firm, Temptation


Paper Towel Rolls, Colored Markers, Duct Tape,
Masking Tape, Small Balls (Styrofoam or ping pong)


Approximately 15 minutes

battling sin


Use duct tape to secure two paper towel rolls together (end to end) to make a "sword." Or you can use empty wrapping paper rolls by themselves. You need one "sword" for each child. Use masking tape to make a line down the middle of the room. This line will separate the floor into two battlefields, one for each team. Also, use masking tape to mark off a home base corner for each team.


Form two teams. Give each child a "sword" made out of the paper towel rolls. Allow several minutes for the kids to decorate their swords using the colored markers.

Next, explain how the Bible is our sword. Have the children call out some sins or temptations they face each day. For example, stealing, cussing, being a bully, disobeying parents, etc. As they do, throw the small balls onto the floor, making sure the balls are on both sides of the battlefield.

Give the following rules of the game:
• The object is to move any "sin balls" from your side of the battlefield to the other team's side.
• You must stand at home base in the "READY" position until you hear the word, "GO!"
• You must stay on your side of the battlefield and not cross the centerline.
• You must use only your sword to move the sin balls to the other side.
• You must stop when the leader calls out, "STOP!"
• You must use your sword wisely or it may break in half.
After saying, "GO," give the children a few minutes then yell "STOP!"
Count the number of "sin balls" on each side and pronounce the winning team of that round. Then have everyone return to the "READY" position, and play another round.


This game shows us how sin attacks. Sin is always around us. We are faced with temptation every day. They never seem to go away. We can combat these evil things when we use our swords wisely. But what good is a dull sword? We must keep our swords sharp to be ready for battle.

How do we keep our swords sharp? (To keep our swords sharp we need to read our Bible and let the Word of God become part of our lives.)