To glorify, to say good things about someone or something (See also worship)

"Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise." Pslam 51:15


Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

The children will explore playing musical instruments and worshiping God.

Praise Hand Print

The children will use a hand print to praise God through prayer.


Out Of This World

Children will begin to see the vastness of how wonderful Jesus is with this display.


Joyful Jail Treat

A fun food craft to show how Paul and Silas gave praise to God even while in jail.


Dancing For The Lord

This lesson shows how King David leaped and danced for joy before the Lord. Children will also learn that although they may not grow up to be kings or queens, whatever jobs they get are blessings from God and deserving of praise.

I Can Praise God!

The children will learn that praising God is an important part of prayer.

Moses And Miriam

We can tell God were thankful by singing songs of praise.

Singing In Jail

In this lesson, Paul continues to tell others that Jesus is wonderful. However, some people don't like what he is doing and lock him and his friend Silas in jail. Children discover that even during hard times, they can still sing and have joy in their hearts because of Jesus.

The Triumphal Entry

In this lesson, children discover that they can celebrate Easter by praising Jesus for coming to be our Savior.


How We Worship God

(Audio Available) A happy sunday school song about how we can worship God in different ways. Sung to the tune of “The Mulberry Bush.”

This Little Light Of Mine

(Audio Available) A timeless classic that encourages kids to let their light shine!


Where Are The Other Nine?

Jesus healed ten men with a terrible disease, but only one came back to say, "Thank You." (A retelling of Luke 17:11-19)