Following Jesus

Being a disciple of Christ; Learning about Jesus (See also Apostles, Disciple, Knowing Jesus)

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27


Fishers Of Men

(Coloring Page) Jesus called Peter and Andrew saying, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Follow Jesus

At home, school, or church, we must remember to follow Jesus.

For God's Glory

This Bible research activity shows us how we can give glory to God by putting Jesus first in our lives.

I Will Follow God

In this activity, children will list ways in which they will follow God and then discuss why it is important to remain spiritually active.

Star Hunt

In this fun activity, students will use star clues to find a special treasure that reminds them to seek Jesus daily.

The Cost Of Serving

Children identify with John the Baptist, the disciples, and many others who gave up everything to serve Christ.

What My Father Does

Jesus only did what he saw his Father doing. We should only do what Jesus would do. John 5:19

Words To Live By

The children will enjoy matching the scriptures as they look them up in God’s Word.


Basketful Of Joy

The story of Ruth is about a young widow who found a basketful of joy because she decided to follow the Lord. God has many baskets full of joy for all who follow His Son Jesus Christ.

Fishers Of Men

This display will remind the kids that as disciples of Jesus, they are called to reach out in the community and invite others to church. (Mark 1:17)

Follow Jesus

This display will remind the kids that they can follow Jesus and obey Him wherever they are, at home, in school, at church and even while playing.

Follow The Leader

A whimsical yet truthful picture of how Jesus is the most important leader all of us should follow.

Follow The Light

Children see they can follow the light of the Lord by reading the Bible, praying, worshiping, and going to church.

Follow The Son

The light is always with us when we follow the Son of God. Use this bulletin board to display key Bible verses about following Jesus.

I Wanna Be Just Like Jesus

A reminder that to be just like Jesus, one must be humble, depend on God, show love and be a "living sacrifice."

Narrow Is The Road To Life

A colorful scene showing the difference between the broad road to destruction and the narrow road leading to life as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:14

Putting Jesus First

Children will enjoy completing this interactive bulletin board/coloring activity and seeing how they can put Jesus first with their words, actions, thoughts, and life.

Rise And Live For Jesus

We live in a world filled with many weeds, but we are children of God. Therefore, let us rise high and live for Jesus.

Showers Of Blessings

Living for Jesus means we will have a life full of blessings. These blessings will help us grow, and be happy, like flowers during a spring rain.


Finish The Race

The children will create a runner’s baton, to help them to remember to follow Jesus.

Fun Foam Fish

A brightly colored, magnetic, foam fish to remind kids of Jesus.

Team Jesus Banner

Children create colorful banners to show others how they are members of Team Jesus.


Pick The Leader

A mind challenging funny game to see how people easily follow what others do.

Stay Connected

A game of cooperation to show how staying connected can be a lot of fun, and how being connected to the Lord is essential for producing good fruit.

The Narrow Road

According to Jesus there is a narrow road that leads to life, but only few enter through its gate.



A four lesson series that teaches children how to live lives of Christian humility, that are holy and pleasing to God.

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Through this lesson, children learn that Jesus is able and willing to supply both our physical and spiritual needs. We need to be careful not to waste the blessings the Lord provides and utilize these gifts to the best of our abilities.

Seeing The Light

In this lesson the children will learn that like Saul, we must acknowledge Jesus as our Lord wherever we are, and follow Him wherever He leads us.

The Cost Of Serving Jesus

In this lesson, children will learn the cost John the Baptist paid to serve Christ. Students will also learn what it means for us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses.

The Great Catch

Through this lesson children learn that we can accomplish so much more in life when we include God in everything we do. The Holy Spirit, prayer, and Bible reading empower both our physical and spiritual lives.

The Pearl Of Great Value

Through this lesson children will learn why it is important that we live our lives for the Lord.


Through this lesson series, children will understand that Jesus is calling all of us to follow Him. When following Jesus, we are to be obedient to His commands and to His teachings and share the Good News about salvation.

The Wise And Foolish Builders

Through this lesson, children will learn that when Jesus is our Lord, we follow His teachings and will do what He tells us.

We Can Live For Jesus

In this lesson, children will learn that apart from Jesus, we have no life, and when we are living for Jesus we can bear much fruit.

Wise Men Seek Jesus

In this lesson, the children will learn about the Wisemen. We will focus on the example they set for us in seeking Jesus with all that they had in order to worship Him fully.


Plugged In

A simple Object Talk to show that unless we are plugged in or connected to Jesus, we can do nothing.

Why Struggle?

Without Jesus, even some of the simplest things in life become quite difficult.


How To Live A Godly Life

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of animals, colors, and numbers to reveal the encouraging message of 2 Peter 1:3

Jesus Depended On God

(Crossword) Jesus depended on God, and He asks us to depend on Him and His power as a branch depends on the vine. John 15:4,5

The Twelve Apostles

(Word Winder) Children complete a Word Winder puzzle to find out why the Apostles followed Jesus.


Depend On God

Part 2: Sofia has a hard time being humble and must turn to God for help. (A skit for three)

Humble Like Jesus

Part 1: Sofia, a brilliant young student learns that we all need to be humble, just like Jesus. (A skit for four)

Joy Of Sacrifice

Part 4: Sofia discovers the joy of serving food to others, after some confusion about who will enjoy the meal. (A skit for three)

Loving Like Jesus

Part 3: Sofia gets out her apology, and also learns a valuable lesson about love. (A skit for two)


Early Sunday Morning

(Audio Available) A delightful song to help us follow Jesus. Sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.”

Putting Jesus First

(Audio Available) A song about putting Jesus first in thoughts, words, and actions. Sung to the tune, "Are You Sleeping?"