Rise and Live for Jesus

We live in a world filled with many weeds, but we are children of God. Therefore, let us rise high and live for Jesus.

Rise and live for Jesus 


Child of God, Following Jesus, Spiritual Growth, Stand Firm


Templates [PDF] Click here
Letter templates Click here
Light blue construction paper for background
Brown construction paper for soil
Green construction paper for stems, leaves, and weeds
Blue construction paper for large letters
Yellow construction paper for small letters
Assorted colors of construction paper for flower petals (for example: red, yellow, and purple)
Orange construction paper for flower centers
White contruction paper for clouds (optional)

To create stems for the flowers, cut out strips about 12 to 15 inches long and 1/2 inches wide with a slight curve from green construction paper.

Option: You can also write the names of the children in your class inside the flower centers, or you can display a picture of each child's face.