Fun Foam Fish

A brightly colored, magnetic, foam fish to remind kids of Jesus.


Christian Living, Following Jesus, Jesus


Multi-colored Fun Foam*
or multi-colored construction paper
2 small self stick magnets for each child
Fish and letters template [PDF] Click here
White glue   


Approximately 15 minutes

Fun foam fish


Before class, cut out one fish (Christian symbol) using Fun Foam for each child. Cut out letters to spell J-e-s-u-s out of different colored Fun Foam. The letters should conform to the shape of the fish, notice that the last S flows into the tail of the fish.


Have an example of the craft completed for the children to use as a reference. Each child will glue the multi-colored letters onto the fish. Instruct the children that the letters will only fit one way. Have the class "dry fit" the letters on top of the fish before gluing the letters in place. Once the glue has dried have the students attach the two magnets on the back of the fish. Place the magnets near the middle of the fish, with one magnet at the head and the other at the tail.

This craft makes a perfect refrigerator magnet.

*Fun Foam can be purchased at most Arts & Craft stores, or you can substitute construction paper.