Making right decisions, especially those which will honor God (See also wisdom)

"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve" Joshua 24:15a


Christmas Distractions

In this activity, students will create a silly story about things that can distract us from the true meaning of Christmas.

Do Not Open!

Temptations are hard to resist. Are the kids up to the test, or will they give in like Adam and Eve?

Escaping Peer Pressure

The children will learn how biblical figures handled peer pressure.


In this activity, children learn to distinguish between good and bad excuses.

Friend Or Foe?

Kids discover how much influence their friends have on their lives.

How Tempted Are You?

Children are tempted by many things. This little quiz will give the kids an idea of how well they can resist some everyday temptations.

Lazy Or Wise Ways?

A challenging activity illustrating the consequences of laziness.

Mini Roles Of Obedience

What would you say to someone who wants you to join him or her in doing the wrong thing?

Missing Piece

People try to fill the empty spot in their hearts with many things.

Moving Time

The children will discover that it is easier to move forward spiritually when they get rid of their old bad habits and live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Snowball Or Avalanche?

Kids discover that even little white lies can snowball into an avalanche.

Stand Your Ground

A lesson on doing what's right, even if no one else will.

Temptation Resistance

How easy is it to do something you know is wrong, especially when the temptation is so great? Four short stories to test the kids' temptation resistance.

Tic Tac Toe Unlimited

The children will have fun playing a game of tic tac toe where they get multiple chances to try to win.

Time For God

An activities chart will help each child see how he or she might spend a whole Saturday. After having fun completing the charts, the kids will be able to see how much time they leave for God.

What Should Randy Do?

Randy's week is full of choices. He wants to be honest and live a Godly life. The kids describe in their own words what Randy should do to be an honest person.

What's Your Motivation?

Kids read several situations and decide how the character's motivation will affect the outcome of the story .

Who Hid The Spies?

Children search for letters to decipher the answer to the question, "Who hid the spies?"


Follow Jesus

This display will remind the kids that they can follow Jesus and obey Him wherever they are, at home, in school, at church and even while playing.

Narrow Is The Road To Life

A colorful scene showing the difference between the broad road to destruction and the narrow road leading to life as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:14

Putting Jesus First

Children will enjoy completing this interactive bulletin board/coloring activity and seeing how they can put Jesus first with their words, actions, thoughts, and life.


Self-Control Wheel

A fun way for kids to find a verse from the Bible that will help them when they feel tempted.

Where Did Rahab Hide The Spies?

When finished, this craft becomes a game students can play with friends.


The Narrow Road

According to Jesus there is a narrow road that leads to life, but only few enter through its gate.

Throw Out Your Excuses

How do we show our lazy side? In this game, excuses for being lazy can have consequences.

Tower Of Babel

A challenging game that teaches children how to speak other languages.

Wise Or Not-So-Wise?

Children run to demonstrate their knowledge of wisdom as described in James 3:17.


A Reputation Of Strength

Through this Sunday school lesson, children will learn that consistently living a pure and holy life builds a strong, Godly reputation.

Abram And Lot Separate

In this lesson, children will see that God blesses the righteous, and they will learn that our actions speak louder than words. As Christians we are to be gracious to others, not self-serving or greedy.

Ahab And Jezebel

This lesson teaches that God holds wicked leaders accountable.

Anointed For God

After completing this lesson, children will understand that God looks at our inner being, our soul, and sees not only how we act in public, but our inner thoughts and private actions as well. Students learn that God liked what He saw in the heart of a young man named David and selected him to be a king.

Becoming A Tongue Tamer

After completing this lesson, the children will understand the importance of taming their tongues. They will realize that the tongue has the power to either save or destroy someone.

Becoming Wise

After completing this lesson, the children will realize that there are two types of wisdom. In the end they will realize the importance of choosing God’s wisdom.

Esther Helps God's People

After completing this lesson, the children will see that we should never place our own happiness above the needs of others.

Friends To Keep

In this lesson the children will learn the importance of choosing friends wisely, and how they might be influenced, either good or bad, by the friends they keep.

Joseph Honors God

This lesson teaches that it is important to honor God at all times.

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

Children will discover the importance of keeping their eyes on Jesus and their faith in Him to avoid falling into trouble.

Rahab Helps The Spies

In this lesson, children will learn about a woman named Rahab. The students will see how Rahab's decision to help God's people saved her life and the life of her family.


Children will learn that having self-control means to follow the Will of our Lord, instead of giving into the temptations of this world.

The Fall

After finishing this lesson children will understand that sin is deceptively beautiful at first, but that there is always a price to pay for disobedience. They will also see why God allowed mankind to fall.

The Rich Man And Lazarus

Through this lesson children will learn that a fool spends his life trying to satisfy his own sinful desires, while a wise person will live a life that pleases God.

Walk The Narrow Path

Children will choose to walk on the path of righteousness by avoiding ungodly influences and temptations along the way.


Cutting Corners

We should be careful to follow God's standards, so that we do not defile ourselves and ruin our reputation.

Eye Of The Needle

An Object Talk to show how difficult it is to enter the kingdom of God when weighed down with earthly possessions.

Friends Rub Off

By coloring in with pencil large letters that spell FRIENDS, you will show how friends, whether they are good or bad, can easily rub off on you.

No More Static

An object lesson about having control over what others see and hear in you.

Now Is The Time

Things this side of Heaven only last so long, including us.

Pages Of My Life

It's the quality that counts, not the quantity.

Pour Me Out

A life used by God, is a life worth living.

Precious Gift Of Time

An Illustration to demonstrate how quickly time passes.

Race Of Your Life

The choices you make will either help or hinder your ability to accomplish the tasks God gives you.

Right Reaction

We react to many things without even thinking, even out of habit. Is our reaction fitting for a Christian?

Take A Chance

Life has many pitfalls but with God's help we can avoid many of them.

Well Balanced Life

An engaging example of the importance of having a balanced life.

Who Is On The Throne?

While many things compete of our time, nothing should come before God.

Your Choice

The devil sometimes wraps bad things in pretty packages. This object talk will show the kids that it is easy to be fooled by the devil.


Find Your Focus

(Maze) A fun puzzle that will challenge students to recognize some of the distractions that can be demanding during the Christmas season and remind them of the true reason to celebrate Christmas.


Dedicating Yourself To The Lord

Mini skits about dedicating your desires, actions, and thoughts to the Lord.

Fulfilled Or Unfulfilled?

Two short skits to show the difference between giving into the desires of this world and finding contentment in following the ways of the Lord. (Skit for seven)

Power Of The Tongue

Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing, my brothers, this should not be. James 3:10 (A skit for four)

You Can Be A Doer!

Amy learns that she cannot simply listen to the Word of God, she must also do what it says. (A skit for two)


Christians Who Don't Do Anything

A song about some Christians who just don't get it! They believe in God, but have no actions to show it! This is their song! Sung to the Veggie Tales tune of "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"

Christians Who Will Do Anything

A song about Christians who DO get it! We believe in showing our love for God with actions, not just words! This is our song! Sung to the Veggie Tales tune of "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything."

Putting Jesus First

(Audio Available) A song about putting Jesus first in thoughts, words, and actions. Sung to the tune, "Are You Sleeping?"


The Game

A twin brother finds that putting others first instead of hiding behind a lie is the right choice.

The Wreck Of Atlantis

We have been given the precious gift of time, we can't afford to waste it.