Christians Who Will Do Anything

A song about Christians who DO get it! We believe in showing our love for God with actions, not just words! This is our song! Sung to the Veggie Tales tune of "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything."


Choices, Christianity, Discipline, Faith, Obedience, Works


Song sheet [PDF] Click here


Approximately 5 minutes

Christians at church

I am a Christian who will do anything
I believe in God and all He says.
And when He asks me to do anything,
I'll just tell Him, "I will do anything!"

Because I'll choose my words wisely,
And I'll be kind to my classmates
And I'll listen to my dad when he says, "Clean your room!"
And I'll help my mom when she asks,
And I'll do it without fussin'
And I'll gladly go to Church on Sunday morn.
(Repeat Chorus)

Because I'll always share the Good News,
And I'll always help my friends out,
And I'll always find the new kid and I'll ask him to play ball.
And I'll always read my Bible,
And I'll always say my prayers,
And I'll gladly go to church on Sunday morn.
(Repeat Chorus)