Quick Change Artist

A game of fashion, speed, and spiritual renewal. 


Born Again, Holy Spirit


2 Old large shirts
2 sock hats
2 pairs large gloves


Approximately 15 minutes



Form two teams with an even number of kids. If you have an odd number of kids, one can be the referee. Otherwise, the teacher can be the referee. Line up the teams at one end of the room and place a set of clothing for each team at the other end of the room. This is a race where each member of the team first puts on all the clothes, then quickly takes them off so the next person in the team can put them on. The team with the last person putting on the clothes first is the winner. The referee is also important, because he or she will decide if the player has successfully put on the articles of clothing. Until the referee says OK, the next player in the team cannot begin.


You all did a great job at being quick-change artists. However, what you wear outside is not nearly as important as what you are like inside. Jesus is our Spiritual quick-change artist. He can change us on the inside and in no time at all. The Bible points the way to salvation in Jesus Christ. When we receive Jesus into our heart, He changes us immediately into new beings. We are born again to walk a new and changed Spirit filled life.