One Amazing Verse

A fun Bible memory game that helps put the Word of God into our hearts.


Memory/Review, Word of God 


White board, chalk board or poster board.
Piece of cloth or newspaper.


Approximately 10 minutes



Write the Bible verse you would like to review on the board. Draw a maze under the verse. At the finishing point of the maze, draw a heart. Cover the maze with the cloth (old sheet, towel, newspaper) until you're ready to begin the activity.


Have the children recite the verse together several times. Once the children are comfortable reciting the verse, remove several words from it and draw a line as a placeholder for each word removed.

Let the quest begin! Remove the covering from the maze. Ask the children to raise their hands if they know one of the missing words. If they give the correct answer, they get to choose which direction to go in the maze. You can make this game as easy or as hard as you like depending on the difficulty of the maze and the length of the verse. When the class finally makes it to the end, tell them that the heart represents them working to put the word of God into their hearts.