Noah Says

In this version of “Simon Says,” dogs bark and beg, cats meow and lick their paws, and ducks quack and waddle 


Noah, Obedience, Just for Fun




Approximately 15 minutes

dog cat duck


First divide the children into three teams, and have one team be dogs, the other cats and the third team ducks. The kids will catch on to this game quickly.

Explain to the teams that they are to be dogs, cats or ducks. Dogs bark and beg (arms raised and hands pointing down as if begging for food.) Cats meow and pretend to lick their paws (hands), and ducks quack and waddle (bending down with hands touching shoulders like wings.) Then give the instructions below.

When you give the commands preceded with “Noah says”:

Noah says "bark"
Noah says "meow"
Noah says "quack"
Noah says "beg"
Noah says "lick"
Noah says "waddle"
Noah says "be still"
all creatures bark
all creatures meow
all creatures quack
all creatures beg
all creatures lick
all creatures waddle
all creatures stop

When you give the commands without saying "Noah says" first:

"Be still"
only dogs bark
only cats meow
only ducks quack
only dogs beg
only cats lick
only ducks waddle
animals keep doing what they are doing


Any child who does not follow the command correctly has to sit out the rest of the game. The team with the last remaining player wins. Then mix up the teams and play again as time permits.

Note: For the older children, you can combine commands to make it more difficult, for example:
"Noah says, bark and waddle," (everyone barks and waddles),
"Lick and quack," without first saying Noah says, (only cats lick and only ducks quack) 


Compare this game to our need to follow God in everything we do. When we follow Him, not only do we have fun, but we also please Him. As the animals followed Noah into the ark to be safe from the flood, God gives us His protection when we follow and trust Him with our life.