Lured to Learn

Jesus chose His disciples and made them fishers of men. We too can become fishers of men for Jesus. 


Apostles, Bible, Disciples


Construction paper, Paper clips
Several small magnets
String, Marker, Box (optional)


Approximately 15 minutes



Using the construction paper cut out six fish shapes. Write the first six books of the Bible on the six fish shapes (One book per fish shape.) Attach a paper clip to each of the fish shapes. Cut several pieces of string and tie a small magnet to each of the strings. The strings should be two or three feet in length. The kids will take turns using these strings to fish. You can put the fish in a big box or spread them out on the floor. You should review the books six at a time. Once the kids have mastered the first six books of the Bible, you can move on to the next six books.

Each week review the books you have already caught and put on the wall.


Jesus chose his disciples and made them fishers of men. We too can become fishers of men for Jesus. One way we can become better fishers of men is by studying God's word the Bible.

Today we will be working on learning the first six books of the Bible. (Hand out the fishing strings.)

The object of the game is to catch the fish in the correct order. Each fish has a book of the Bible written on it. We will need to catch the fish with Genesis written on it first, then we will fish for Exodus and the list goes on. While fishing for each book of the Bible, say the name of the book we're fishing for. If you catch the correct fish, you can tack it on the wall. Then we will fish for the next book of the Bible. If you catch a fish that's not the book of the Bible we're fishing for, put the fish back into the pond and pass the fishing string to another child.