In the Tomb, Out of the Tomb

Kids love this energy burning game. It can be adjusted to fit many different topics and themes. 


Easter, Lazarus, Resurrection, Just for Fun


String, Yarn or Tape.


Approximately 10 minutes



Draw a long line using yarn or masking tape (or use an imaginary line).


Have the children line up in a straight line facing the leader on the right side of the line. The right side of the line is "In the Tomb" and the left side of the line is "Out of the Tomb." The leader yells either "In the tomb," or "Out of the tomb.” Upon hearing the command, the children jump from one side to the other. If the children jump in the wrong direction or don't jump to the other side when it's a valid command they are out of the game. The last player still in wins the game. The leader will try and get the players to jump incorrectly by pointing to one side as they yell to jump to the opposite side or by repeating the same side and/or changing the pace. Game can be easily adapted to fit other themes.