Bible Trivia

Here are some true or false questions of moderate difficulty to use for playing many Bible trivia games. 


Bible, Just for Fun, Memory/Review




From 5 to 20 minutes

Bible Trivia


1.    Nearly forty different people wrote the Bible. (True)
2.    There are 33 books in the New Testament. (False - 27)   
3.    There are 66 books in total in the Bible. (True)
4.    Some people are not sure the Bible is the Word of God. (True)
5.    Judges is one of the Books of Law in the Old Testament. (False - History)
6.    After God created the animals, they evolved into people. (False - God created man and woman)
7.    To worship God, we need to be in church. (False - we can worship God everywhere)
8.    Adam and Eve had only two sons, Cain and Abel. (False - Seth was also their son)
9.    Temptation is something we must resist on our own. (False - 1 Corinthians 10:13 says God will help us)
10.  Abram was 100 years old when God appeared to him. (False - 99)
11.  Sarah used to be named Sarai. (True)
12.  Lot's daughter turned into a pillar of salt. (False - his wife)
13.  Abraham and Sarah’s son was named Jacob. (False - Isaac)
14.  When Abraham had his son, he was 100 years old. (True)
15.  Abraham laughed when God told him he would have a son. (False - Sarai laughed)
16.  God provided a goat to sacrifice instead of Isaac. (False - it was a male sheep or ram)
17.  God wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son to test his obedience. (True)
18.  Jacob and Esau were twins. (True)
19.  Esau’s mother loved him the most. (False - she loved Jacob more)
20.  Esau gave up his birthright for a hot bath and a shave. (False - stew)
21.  Jacob received a big blessing, but Esau received a small blessing. (False - Esau received no blessing)
22.  Deborah was a judge. (True)
23.  Gideon was a judge. (True)
24.  Gideon fought the Midianites with a huge army. (False - only 300 men)
25.  Gideon’s army did not have any weapons. (True - only clay jars, trumpets and torches)
26.  The Bible is also known as a sword. (True)
27.  Samuel was Israel’s first king. (False - it was Saul)
28.  Saul was a very short king. (False - he was very tall)
29.  The people of Israel did not want a king, but gave in to Samuel’s request. (False - it was the opposite)
30.  Samuel had two very righteous sons. (False - they were bad boys)
31.  Elijah was a king. (False - he was a prophet)
32.  Elijah and a widow enjoyed bread together. (True)
33.  Methuselah was the oldest person in the Bible and lived 969 years. (True)