Bible Balloon Race

Children scramble to win the race and recall specific books of the Bible. 
by Donna Gentile




18 Balloons (9 red and 9 blue)
Permanent Marker
Two 6 foot strings
Books of the Bible Bookmark Click here
Adult assistant


Approximately 15 minutes

bible balloon race


Before class, print copies of the Bible bookmarks, four bookmarks will print per page. The children and leaders should each receive one Bible bookmark. Blow up all 18 balloons* and knot-tie them closed. Do not blow up the balloons to the point of popping; rather, leave some expansion room within, so that the balloons won't pop as easily when the players roll them across the floor.

With permanent marker, print one category below per red balloon. Repeat the process for the blue balloons.

Law (OT)
Major Prophet (OT)
History (NT)
History (OT)
Minor Prophet (OT)
Letters (NT)
Poetry (OT)
Gospels (NT)
Prophecy (NT)

Lay the strings on the floor, across from each other, with a distance of 8'-12' between them. Ask the children to remove their shoes.

*If there will be more than 18 players, categories can be repeated as necessary.


Divide children into two teams, each containing an adult leader. Before starting the game, leaders will hand out the Bible bookmarks and spend several minutes reviewing the books under each category with their team. Teams line up single file behind the first string. The string on the opposite side of the room is the finish line. Tell the children that they will be using just their feet to roll the balloon across the floor towards the finish line.

Leader #1 hands each member of "Team One" a red balloon and Leader #2 hands each member of "Team Two" a blue balloon, in random order. After handing out the balloons, both leaders position themselves at the finish line. When one leader says, "Bible Balloon Race," the first player from each team sets his or her balloon on the floor and begins to maneuver it towards the finish line. Once a player's balloon crosses the finish line, he or she must show the category printed on the balloon to his or her leader then name one book of the Bible from that category. If the player answers correctly, his or her team receives one point. If the answer is incorrect, no points are awarded. Either way, the next player on the respective team should begin moving his or her balloon to the finish line. If a player accidently pops a balloon, no points are awarded and the next player on the team begins immediately. If teams are uneven, a child from the team with fewer players will need to play twice.
The team that finishes with the most points wins the game or if both teams have equal points, the first team to finish wins the game.