At the Carnival

Follow the great adventure one family had at "The Carnival."
Written by Len Schuler
Illustrations by Brian Chalmers


Christianity, Eternal Life, Heaven, Kingdom of God, Salvation


Approximately 15 minutes


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Carnival tent


The Kingdom of God is like the carnival in this story. It is entirely free, yet so many people miss out on the joy that comes from being part of God's family. The excuses are many. For some, it is the feeling that life is going fine just the way it is, why change? They feel they don’t need God right now. But they may never find out how wonderful heaven can be, until it is too late. Others may think, that too much must be given up to become a Christian. The cost is too great. But salvation costs nothing. It is a free gift from God. And everyone who receives this free gift will see things like never before. They will experience a new life in Christ without worldly fear. And you will know them by their fruits. The joy of Christ cannot be kept inside, it must be shared to all the world.