Story Telling Tips

Story telling is an old age art that most any one can do. To become a really good story teller takes practice. These tips will help you become a better story teller.

When my child was a preschooler, she loved going to the library with me for story time. She sat quietly and listened to the storyteller as if she were one of the characters in the book the storyteller read. The children giggled, covered their eyes, and yelled in unison. They were excited about the story. Until my daughter attended story time, I did not realize how storytelling could be such a powerful medium to communicate with children. A great story can give a child a realistic picture right from his or her own imagination that lasts forever.

Storytelling can be done effectively through a range of visual and vocal emotions. You don't need to be highly experienced. You only need to read, use your imagination, and make funny, loud, or silly noises. Add some arm movements and face contortions and anyone can be a storytelling star.

The key is to really get into the story yourself as if you were hearing it for the first time as a small child. If you are really adventurous, not minding the adults that may be accompanying their children, you can even dance around the room in a animated fashion.

Children love to interact with the story, so whenever possible, ask the children to take part in the storytelling. For example, children can make rain noises, or they can guess which animals oink and quack.

story telling tips

Storytelling is a great way to teach the children about Jesus without spending a lot of money on supplies or materials. Kid’s Sunday School Place has many stories available for usage—all you need is yourself and your commitment to be silly in the name of the Lord.

Other items you can use for a great story time:
Faces of main characters or pictures of objects in the story can be drawn on paper and attached to wooden rulers. Display these props at the appropriate time while telling the story. For example, when you tell the story of Noah, use a paper face for Noah, Mrs. Noah, and an animal or two. These visuals will help keep the children's attention.

Bring a twin size blanket or comforter to place on the floor for the children to sit on. This will make them comfortable, and feel like they are in a special setting.