Project Plans for Sunday School?

Results are predictably better when you have planned for the task at hand.


What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of a Project plan? Boring, uncreative, lots of red tape, a waste of time? Stop and think about this for a moment, whether it's a business project, a presentation, or vacation, the results are predictably better when you have planned for the task at hand.

Children's ability to understand Biblical concepts will be greatly enhanced when the presented material flows from one lesson to the next. Start with the basics and build on this foundation.

Pre-packaged curriculum use built in project plans. Each new lesson will usually build upon the prior lesson. The level of difficultly rises as the year progresses.

Make plans for successful Sunday school

When using your own ideas or ideas you've gotten off the Internet it is also a good idea to try and have your lessons flow from one series to the next.

By using project plans you will be able to replicate the successful lesson plans in the future. You will be able to review and adjust the lesson to eliminate the material that didn't go over quite so well. After several such reviews, every aspect of the lesson will be successful each time it's presented.

If you've been blessed to be a children's Sunday school worker for several years you may find that the years start to run together. You may have a favorite gospel magic trick or object talk you like to share each year. A project plan will ensure that you use these favorite materials when and where they will be the most effective.

Project plans may not be the most enjoyable aspect of teaching Sunday school, but you will see a marked improvement in the impact of the lessons, when they are well thought out. In the long run, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by taking the time to plan.