Prayer Suggestions

Helpful tips on classroom prayer.

Prayer Box
Decorate a small box with a removable lid. Label the outside of the box "Prayer Box." Have the kids put their name on an index card, and jot down a personal prayer request. When finished, place the cards into the prayer box. At the end of class, have each child pull out one card from the box and have them pray for that person during the week.

Open Prayer Journal
Purchase a spiral notebook. Put the date of the current Sunday in the top corner of the sheet of paper for that week. Have the book open to the appropriate page each Sunday and displayed in a prominent place. Encourage the children to write down any prayer requests or praises as they arrive each Sunday. They can also look at previous pages to see what prayers were answered. The journal can be referred to during class prayer time, or the requests can be reviewed at the end of class and given to the children for prayer during the week.

Wall of Prayer
To encourage prayer requests make a "Wall of Prayer." Hang up a piece of newspaper (end rolls from local papers may be free) or you can use butcher block paper. Allow the children to write their prayer requests on the paper after they have shared their requests with the class. It is a faith building visual reminder of the prayers and allows for great follow-up on prayers when they get answered.