Seating Arrangements

Here are a few seating “essentials” to create a comfortable and functional classroom.

Remember that kids, like adults learn best when they are comfortable. Consider the last time you attended a conference or a parent-teacher meeting. Was the arrangement of the room important? Would you have been comfortable if the room was too hot, the chairs too hard, or the room too small for the number of people present? Probably the attention given to your meeting would have been less than ideal. Naturally, we want the kids to enjoy every minute they spend in Sunday school, not anxiously wait for it to end.

Here are a few “essentials” to create a comfortable and functional classroom.

    • Tables (round or rectangular, folding type ideal, and enough to avoid overcrowding)
    • Chairs (size and type appropriate for the age group for each child with a few extras for visitors)
    • Chalkboard or white board
    • Storage cabinet or bookshelf (to keep supplies)
    • Small table (to hold items such as a cassette recorder or handouts, etc.)
    • Bulletin board
    • Coat rack

How to arrange the furniture will depend on the type of lesson or activities you will be teaching in your class. There are five basic types of layouts.


This is best for general purpose, activities, and crafts where
maximum interaction with others is beneficial.





This is best for team or group activities, games, and crafts when you have additional helpers.



This is best for story telling, reading and general discussion. This allows for the teacher to be a level participant. (Tables are not used)

 round discussion



Used for special events, object lessons, puppet shows, lectures, etc. (Tables are not used.)



Used for lectures or other teaching purposes.

Of course, some activities or games may work best with the tables and chairs pushed to one side of the room to allow more space. In any case, kids as well as adults love variety. Try to alter the look of the room occasionally to peek interest. When the kids see that the room looks different than usual, they will wonder what new and exciting activity is waiting for them.