Wisdom Links

An activity which encourages attendance and can be used to review past lessons.

This activity encourages children to attend Sunday school and is a wonderful way for children to review past lessons. This activity requires different colored construction paper, a stapler and a marker. Before class cut a strip of construction paper that is 8 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide, for each student. Before class write the topic for that day's Sunday school lesson on the strips of construction paper you just cut. For example today's lesson is on the Exodus of God's people from Egypt, you would print "Exodus of God's People" on each strip of 8 1/2 by 2 inch piece of construction paper.

Here's how it works, each child receives the strip of construction paper at the start of class. Instruct the students to form a ring by attaching the ends of the strip of construction paper together and then staple them. The words should be on the outside of the ring, so that the topic can be read easily. After the first week the children will loop their new rings through last week's ring, which will form a paper chain. As the links become chains they can be hung from the ceiling. Each child will create his or her own chain. This is helpful for two reasons, first, children will compete to see who can create the longest chain and secondly, the child will take the chain home at the end of the quarter and can then use it to review their past Sunday school lessons. They can also be used to show their parents or little sisters/brothers what they've learned.