Visitor Welcome Packs

A warm reception helps children feel they belong to the group.

Look through the eyes of the child visiting your church for the very first time and what do you see? First impressions are crucial. Well-done welcome packs can paint a wonderful picture of the church as a caring community of believers.

A warm reception helps children feel they belong to the group and that others in the class care about them. When welcomed properly children will see the church as a great place to learn about God and make new friends. More importantly, it indicates to the child’s parents that your church is warm and inviting. That your church cares about the spiritual growth of their individual child.

Below are several items that you may want to consider adding to a child’s “Welcome Pack”:

Postcards with a warm note welcoming the child to the class. (Click here)
Small amount of candy
Map of the church
List of upcoming events

visitor welcome packages

It is important to introduce the visitor to the class and ask that everyone give him or her a warm welcome. As you help the visiting child find a seat, introduce the child to a regularly attending student who can make the new student feel welcome and help him or her become acquainted with some of the other students.