Find it First

Everyone tries to get to class early with this seek and find activity!

Here is an idea that will help kids get to class on time, even early! Let them know that every Sunday, if they are the first one to find a particular object hidden somewhere in the classroom, they will win a prize.

Every Sunday morning, before anyone arrives, hide some object for the kids to find. It may be a special pencil, small folded up poster, bookmark, etc. Make sure you hide the object well so the kids will have to spend some time searching all over the room. Prizes can be candy, or tokens to trade in for gifts, or whatever.

hidden objects

Another idea is to use Great Adventure Trading Cards that can be purchased from Tadpole Tails. Click here

These Old and New Testament Bible cards are arranged in series, so one card from each series can be hidden in the room. The child who finds the hidden card wins the whole series.

Garolyn offers a similar idea that requires little preparation and is also very effective in getting children to class on time. The idea is that every child who arrives at class before the teacher receives a special treat, sticker or other type of acknowledgement. Kids love to believe they did something better than the teacher, and without even knowing it, help the teacher get the class started on time.