Craft Stick Idea

This versatile idea will help with taking attendance and a million other things. 


Popsicle sticks
2 Containers

 craft sticks


Write the name of each child in your class on a Popsicle stick - colored sticks are great. If the color runs on them, cover with glue and let dry. Every week as the children enter the classroom, they will move the stick with their name on it to a separate container (you can use small decorated Pringle cans). This way you know who is in the class.

You can also use them to:
° Draw names for answering questions.
° Decide who gets to sit on the 2 beanbags in the room or to divide kids up into teams.
° Decide who gets to do a classroom job (erasing dry erase board, etc.).
° Decide who gets to draw a "Silly Willy Joke" from the joke box at the end of the class, if they have been
  really good in class, and a million other things.