Any transgression of God's Will or violation of His laws in thought, action, or neglect (See also iniquity)

"Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation." Luke 11:4


Crumple It!

Children identify sin and then “crumple” its influence in their lives.

Do Not Open!

Temptations are hard to resist. Are the kids up to the test, or will they give in like Adam and Eve?

Free From Evil

Children will look up verses describing various kinds of sin, and will remove those sins taped all over a volunteer.

Give It Up

Children identify areas in their lives that they need to give up, so they can offer themselves to God as living sacrifices.

Inside My Heart

The children will identify sinful and righteous motives of the heart.

Old Enough To Know

Children use colors and words to demonstrate the awareness of sin within their lives.

Stir The Pot, Or Cover It With Love?

Children learn that it is better to show others love, rather than stir up conflict.

Who Is Without Sin?

After taking balled-up pieces of paper and pretending to stone a sinner, the children will compare judging others to having sin in their own lives.


A Special Card From God

Curiosity is explored in this fun Valentine project involving God’s word.

Father, Forgive Them

As Jesus hung on the cross, He asked His Father to forgive.

God Is Holy (Mosaic)

The children will create a mosaic to help them remember God's attributes.

New Start Spinner

The children make a craft to remind them that God’s love and mercy is never ending and new every day.

Stoplight Repentance

The children will learn how to turn away from sin.

White As Snow

A happy snowman to help the kids learn, "Even though your sins are bright red, they will be as white as snow" Isaiah 1:18 (NIRV)


Battling Sin

Children have fun removing sin from their side of the battle field.

Swat Away Sin

The children will play a game that teaches them to recognize sin and “swat” it away!

Throw Away Your Sins

A different spin on an old children’s game with a Christian life application


Am I A Sinner?

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will understand that even they have committed sin at one point in their lives. They will also see sin for what it really is, a serious problem in everyone's life.

God Is Holy

This Sunday school lesson will identify God’s holiness as His most prevalent attribute. Children will learn that all of God’s additional attributes exist through and because of His holiness.

God Is Just

As a result of studying about God’s fair and just nature, children will understand why it is important to confess their sins to God and ask for His forgiveness on a regular basis.

Jesus Dies For Our Sins

In this Easter lesson, children discover that Jesus loves us so much, He willingly died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. When we respond to God's call to repent and ask Jesus to forgive our sins, He washes us clean so we may have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Jesus Is The Answer

In this Sunday school lesson, the children will discover that Jesus is God's answer to our sin. They will learn that Jesus died on the cross for us, and purchased our place in Heaven. Jesus got what he did not deserve, to keep us from getting what we do deserve, that is eternal death and separation from God.

On With The New

In this lesson, the children will discover how to get rid of the old self and put on the new way of thinking and living in Christ.

The Cup Of God's Wrath

After completing this lesson, the children will be challenged to live sacrificially by demonstrating Jesus' love to those around them.

The Fall

After finishing this lesson children will understand that sin is deceptively beautiful at first, but that there is always a price to pay for disobedience. They will also see why God allowed mankind to fall.

The Temptation

After completing this lesson, the children will understand that our spiritual growth can be hindered by our sinful desires.

Trusting In Christ Alone

In this Sunday school lesson, the children will discover that faith is the key to receiving the gift of Salvation. Out of faith we are able to trust in Christ alone, confess His Holy name before others, be repentant of our sins, and finally in obedience to His Word, be baptized.

Unlimited Chances

In this lesson, the children learn that because Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, God gives us unlimited chances to start over when we truly repent.


A Heart For Jesus

The Holy Spirit can reach our heart no matter how much we may have sinned.


Don't let the things of this world blind you from the things of God.

Crushed And Restored

We needn't allow sin to crush us, a restored life awaits us in Christ Jesus.

Dirty Windows

Just as it is difficult to see through a dirty window, we cannot see God clearly through a life of sin.

Don't Sin

The burden of sin makes it hard to walk the narrow path.

Filthy Rags

Can we, being like filthy rags, ever become completely clean? With Jesus we can!

Held Tightly By Sin

A sinner is trapped by his own evil acts. He is held tightly by the ropes of his sins.

How Much Does Sin Weigh?

God’s Law shows us how truly we fall short of His glory.

Jell-O Surprise

An illustration that compares Jell-O to our fleshly (sinful) desires.

New Life In Christ

Baptism expresses the forgiveness of our sins and the freedom to live a new life in Christ.


Jesus makes gems out of wrecks.

Shape Of Sin

An Object Talk to help children see how the only way to be purified of sin is through Jesus.

Sin Gets Heavy

The weight of our own sin is hard for us to bear, but Jesus bore the sins of the world.

Sin Is Gross!

A bubble bath has no effect on sin, it's only Jesus that can make you truly clean.

Sin Revealed

Even when we try to hide our sins, or pretend they never happened, they have a way of showing up, like buttons in a glass of cola.

Sin Spoils

A little bit of mold can ruin a sandwich. Likewise, without Jesus, even a little bit of sin will keep us out of Heaven.

Wash Away Sin

No matter how much we have sinned, Jesus can wash all our sins away.


Weeds in the lawn are like sins in our lives, they're destructive.

Weight Of Sin

The weight of sin is a heavy burden indeed.

What's In Your Heart?

The love of Jesus can transform an ugly sinful heart into a sweet caring heart.


All Sins Forgiven

(Cross-out) Children cross out certain words in this puzzle to reveal the message of 1 Peter 3:18, that Jesus died for our sins to bring us to God.

Cross Puzzle

(Jigsaw) "All we like sheep have gone astray," Isaiah 53:6: A cross-shaped puzzle to help the kids memorize.

God's Wrath Revealed

(Crossword) "The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men." (Romans 1:18) Kids look up different Bible verses to solve this crossword puzzle about God's wrath.

Power Of The Cross

(Cross-out) As Jesus died on the cross between two criminals, He asked His Father to do something very special for all of us. What He asked is found in Luke 23:24.

Puzzled Over Jealousy

(Word Search) After completing this word search, the children will not be puzzled as to why God's jealousy is holy and just while theirs is not.


The Fall

A short skit about the time Adam & Eve disobeyed God. (Skit for five)


Don't Get Hooked

(Storybook Available) A young fish finds that sin comes with a high price!

Ricky The Raccoon

(Storybook Available) A raccoon's prideful ego becomes his downfall.


Ricky The Raccoon

The world will offer us many sinful temptations, which pride will tell us we deserve. In the end, these temptations are nothing more than a trap.


Ricky The Raccoon

The world will offer us many sinful temptations, which pride will tell us we deserve. In the end, these temptations are nothing more than a trap.


Ricky The Raccoon

The world will offer us many sinful temptations, which pride will tell us we deserve. In the end, these temptations are nothing more than a trap.