Eternal place where God lives and where His people will go when they die (See also Kingdom of God)

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."
1 Corinthians 2:9


Finish The Story

Children will discover how God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, so He could show us the way to salvation.

My Prayer Of Faith

Children learn about the "Prayer of Faith," and then develop their own prayer for the appropriate time.

Salvation Balloons

The children will identify true and false statements regarding salvation.

What Would I Do To Go To Heaven?

Children rank good deeds for getting to Heaven, only to learn that Heaven is a gift, and cannot be earned.


Jesus Is...

This bulletin board will help children remember five important things that Jesus is.

Now Boarding

Don't wait until it is too late! A bulletin board to help children understand the urgency of receiving God's gift of Salvation.


Choose Your Treasure

What would you do with a hundred dollars? Kids discover the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures while having a little fun.

The Narrow Road

According to Jesus there is a narrow road that leads to life, but only few enter through its gate.

The Price Is Right

Children guess the price of several items and discover the real price for Heaven.

Want To Get Home

A fun board game for two teams. Players help a small child left behind at camp get home while discovering what it costs to get to our heavenly home.


Heaven Is A Free Gift

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will understand that it is impossible for someone to get to Heaven on his or her own efforts. The next two lessons address the issues that all persons are sinners and this sin causes separation from God. The last two lessons explain how God sent His only Son to pay the price for our sins and how it is by placing our trust in Jesus alone that we can be saved.

I Belong

In this lesson, the children discover that their identity is in Christ and because of Christ we become citizens of Heaven taking on a heavenly mindset.

Jesus Is The Answer

In this Sunday school lesson, the children will discover that Jesus is God's answer to our sin. They will learn that Jesus died on the cross for us, and purchased our place in Heaven. Jesus got what he did not deserve, to keep us from getting what we do deserve, that is eternal death and separation from God.

The Pearl Of Great Value

Through this lesson children will learn why it is important that we live our lives for the Lord.

The Prodigal Son

With this lesson the children will have a good idea of what matters in life. The choice between material possessions or relationship will determine how they would want to live their lives, and hopefully, it will make them realize that a life full of materialism cannot fulfill an empty heart.


I Belong Here And There

The children will evaluate all the places, clubs, events, etc. that they belong too while discovering that Heaven is the one place that matters most.

Impossible Reach

We build many things to help us reach difficult places. However, we can only reach Heaven through the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

One Way Or Many?

God tells us there is only one way to get to Heaven.

Sweet Desserts

Children will learn that it is better to wait for heavenly rewards than it is to indulge themselves with worldly pleasures.


Heavenly Treasures

(Crossword) We should store treasures in Heaven, not on earth. All of the answers to this crossword puzzle about where our treasures should be stored can be found in Matthew 6:19-21.

Jairus' Daughter Is Alive

(Word Search) The children will learn the details of one of Jesus’ miracles.


Those Silly Birds!

The Son of God came to earth as a man to show us the way to Heaven. (Skit for seven)


At The Carnival

(Storybook Available) Follow the great adventure one family had at "The Carnival."