Heavenly Treasures

(Crossword) We should store treasures in Heaven, not on earth. All of the answers to this crossword puzzle about where our treasures should be stored can be found in Matthew 6:19-21.


Heaven, Treasures, Worldliness


Crossword puzzle for each child [PDF] Click here  Solution
Crossword puzzle in KJV [PDF] Click here  KJV Solution
Pencils or markers


Approximately 10 minutes

Heavenly Treasures


Give each child a pencil or a marker and a copy of the crossword puzzle. Have the children read Matthew 6:19-21 from their Bibles all the way through first. Then, have them refer to their Bibles to complete the crossword puzzle.

Discussion Questions: (Optional)
1. What kinds of treasures do we tend to store on earth? (Toys, collectables, money, clothes, etc.)
2. What kinds of treasures should we store in Heaven? (Knowledge of God, caring for others, standing firm, etc.)
3. What happens to the treasures we store on earth, and what happens to the treasures we store in Heaven? (The treasures we store on earth will disappear, but the treasures we store in Heaven will not only last forever, they also Glorify God.)