Children's ministry word puzzles are a fun way to become familiar with important messages from your lesson. Look for Crosswords, Cross-outs, Fill-in, Scrambles, Word searches, mazes and more. Use these special activities for a particular theme, or just for fun. Always a hit with the kids. More information

Gifts From Above

(Word Search) Spiritual Gifts used to build up the Body of Christ from Romans 12:4-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 can be found in this Word Search

God Is Loving

(Word Scramble) Children unscramble words to learn more about God's love for them.

God Is...

(Crossword) The children will discover God’s qualities.

God Knows Everything

(Word Search) God knows the secrets of our hearts, our thoughts, how we were made; He knows everything. In this word search, children find words from key verses about God's knowledge.

God The Creator

(Cryptogram) When children finish decoding the puzzle, they learn that God is the creator of all things.

God The Father

(Crossword) All the answers to this crossword puzzle deal with the attributes of God or His interaction with Biblical leaders.

God's Promise

(Word Fill-in) God promises to give those who love Him the "crown of life" if they do something important. Find out what it is!

God's Wrath Revealed

(Crossword) "The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men." (Romans 1:18) Kids look up different Bible verses to solve this crossword puzzle about God's wrath.

Hannah Dedicates Samuel To The Lord

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of planets, colors of the rainbow, and names of animals to reveal why Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord.

He Has Risen

(Word Search) Children search for words related to Jesus rising from the dead.

Heavenly Treasures

(Crossword) We should store treasures in Heaven, not on earth. All of the answers to this crossword puzzle about where our treasures should be stored can be found in Matthew 6:19-21.

Help Lazarus Unwind

(Maze) It is amazing; Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead!

How Noah Did It

(Word Fill-in) A word puzzle to help the kids discover what it really took for Noah to build the ark.

How To Be Ready For Jesus

(Crossword) A puzzle based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 that describes how to be prepared for the return of our Lord, Jesus.

How To Live A Godly Life

(Cross-out) Children cross out words that are the names of animals, colors, and numbers to reveal the encouraging message of 2 Peter 1:3