Sweet Desserts

Children will learn that it is better to wait for heavenly rewards than it is to indulge themselves with worldly pleasures.
by Lani DeBuhr, Real Life Ministries


Heaven, Patience, Rewards, Treasures


Cookies for each child
Piece of cake with whipped cream, sprinkles, etc. or
a bannana spit.


Approximately 10 minutes



Ensure that you have enough desserts for each child to participate.   


In order to demonstrate the importance of waiting for your reward in heaven rather than indulge yourself in "worldly rewards" here, put a cookie in front of every child and ask them if they would like to enjoy the cookie and eat it now.      Obviously, all of the kids will want to. (Avoid desserts with nuts in case you have children with food allergies.)

fter all of the children have decided whether they would like to eat it or not, then present a "gargantuan" dessert such as a banana split or a piece of cake with whipped cream all over it. Then you tell the children that they could eat this big dessert instead of the cookie but they will have to wait for a half hour in order to do so, would they wait to eat it?

Say, "Heaven is like this. Although the things of this world seem very appealing, if we can remember that our heavenly reward will be much better than the things of this world we will not be disappointed and will be motivated to wait."

Allow the children to eat their cookie, and if possible share a little of the gargantuan dessert with all the children.