Everything received from God that brings joy and happiness (See also rewards)

"I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." 1 Corinthians 9:23


Bursting With Blessings

This activity uses our "Bursting For a Verse" teaching aid to assign various verses for the children to look up to learn about blessings from God.

What Does It Take To Be Blessed? Part 1

Choose the right word from the clue to fill in the first four verses from the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:3-6.

What Does It Take To Be Blessed? Part 2

Choose the right word from the clue to fill in the second part of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:7-10


Basketful Of Joy

The story of Ruth is about a young widow who found a basketful of joy because she decided to follow the Lord. God has many baskets full of joy for all who follow His Son Jesus Christ.

Consider God's Wonders

With this colorful bulletin board, children take time to stop and consider God's many wonders, as suggested in Job 37:14

God Is Good

A very colorful bulletin board to show thanksgiving to God for all the great things He provides.

Showers Of Blessings

Living for Jesus means we will have a life full of blessings. These blessings will help us grow, and be happy, like flowers during a spring rain.


Be Thankful

Kids make a beautiful flower to remind them to be thankful for all God does.

Don't Worry, Be Thankful

Kids make a field of flowers to show the many blessings they have from God.

Shepherd's Table

Children use yummy treats to prepare a table as it says in Psalm 23:5, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

Thanksgiving Basket

A simple yet colorful basket the children can enjoy filling with God’s provisions.


Doors To Blessings

Children complete a verse from the Beatitudes with what's behind one of three doors.

Who Wants Beans?

The children will have fun as they learn about poverty, greed, and giving while playing a game.


A Mother's Praise

In this lesson, the children will examine several well-known mothers from the Bible, and learn about the wife and mother of noble character. The children will discover how important the role of a mother is, and how mothers are worthy of praise.

Abram And Lot Separate

In this lesson, children will see that God blesses the righteous, and they will learn that our actions speak louder than words. As Christians we are to be gracious to others, not self-serving or greedy.

Count Your Blessings

After completing this lesson, the children will be able to recognize and give thanks for the many blessings they have in Christ Jesus.

God Is Good

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will learn that God always has been and always will be infinitely good. Children will also learn that any of the good they have comes from God.

God Will Bless Me

In the third lesson covering Psalm 23, the kids will learn that God's love will follow them all of the days of their lives and that only through Jesus will they be both contented and blessed.

God's Blessings

This lesson illustrates that by giving to others, God blesses us.

Love Of Money

Through this lesson children will learn that we must always realize from whom our blessings flow, and place our hope solely on God. We should enjoy the blessings God provides, but not pursue them for their own sakes.

Restoration To The Poor

In this lesson, the children will discover that the people in Jerusalem needed to recognize the state of their hearts by seeing their actions were not lined up with God’s Word.

True Thanksgiving

After completing this lesson, the children will understand true thanksgiving and how they can show they are thankful for all of the blessings given to them by God.


God's Many Blessings

God overflows our cups with blessings. This object talk will help kids see the power in these blessings.

On Loan

"Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6 NIV

The Big Picture

God is orchestrating beautiful and complex things all around us.

What Is Missing?

God's blessings empower us to live our lives to the fullest.


Father Of Nations

(Cross-out) Students complete this puzzle to see what God promised to Abraham. (Genesis 22:17a)

God's Promise

(Word Fill-in) God promises to give those who love Him the "crown of life" if they do something important. Find out what it is!

What Crowns The Righteous?

(Cross-out) Children discover that "blessings" crown the head of the righteous in this special word cross-out puzzle from Proverbs 10:6a.


Fulfilled Or Unfulfilled?

Two short skits to show the difference between giving into the desires of this world and finding contentment in following the ways of the Lord. (Skit for seven)


Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

A simple song to help children remember from whom our blessings flow.