God is Good

A very colorful bulletin board to show thanksgiving to God for all the great things He provides.

God is Good 


Blessings, Provision, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving


Templates [PDF] Click here
Templates (uncolored) [PDF] Click here
Letter templates Click here
Stars or small shining stickers for cloud dust
Real candy to attach to blanket
Light blue construction paper for sky background
Dark blue or black construction paper for lettering
Green construction paper for grass and leaves
Yellow and red construction paper for blanket and apple
Brown construction paper for turkey.
Purple construction paper for grapes (made from oval shapes)
Orange construction paper for pumpkin
White construction paper for plate and clouds

For milk carton, you can cut out one side of a real milk carton or use the milk carton template above. 
The children will really enjoy helping you stick the stars or other stickers in place. Explain to the children that this bulletin board is just an example of the wonderful things God provides. Ask them what other things God gives that they can be thankful for.