Be Thankful

Kids make a beautiful flower to remind them to be thankful for all God does.


Blessings, Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Worry


Light green cardstock
Tempera paint (assorted colors)
Paper plates
Word pages [PDF] Click here
Examples of sponges [PDF] Click here
Old button up short sleeve shirts for paint shirts
Crayons or colored markers
Glue sticks, scissors (optional)


Approximately 20 minutes


Before class, print enough Word Pages with the phrase "Don't worry, be thankful," and the Bible verse so each child will have one copy of each. Cut sponges into petal shapes, and a circle for the center of the flower. Prepare a place for painting, using drop cloths, towels for clean up, etc.   


Have the kids color the phrase "Don't worry, be thankful," then cut it out and glue onto the top of their green card stock. Then cut out and paste the verse at the very bottom of the green card stock.

Have each child put on a paint shirt and go to the place prepared for painting. Make sure each plate has only one color. Tell the kids that the sponges must stay on the plate they came from. They will stamp the center of the flower first, in the middle of their green cardstock. Then they will pick the color they want their flower to be and stamp the petals onto the cardstock around the flower's center. After the flower is dry, they can write on the petals the things for which they are thankful.

You can also make a field of flowers to place on a table, the classroom floor, or the wall. Have each child make more than one flower, and label each flower with only one thing they are thankful for. Then put the flowers in the designated area to see how God has clothed the field in such splendor.

If working with paint is too difficult for younger kids, cut the flower center and petals out of construction paper. Then the kids can glue them onto the cardstock. It will be just as pretty, but without the adventure and mess.


Refer to Matthew 6:25-34 during the craft time. This is a good time to sneak in some teaching. God takes care of us in such splendid ways. We sometimes forget about all the beauty and majesty that He has prepared for us. Take time to see all that God has given us for our enjoyment. We have a God who cares for the little things. We need to remember that He cares about us and that He will take care of our every need.