Rich in Mercy

The children will create a craft to remind them of God’s mercy.
by Leah Pittsinger


Character of God, Knowing God, Mercy


Medium cardstock
Permanent markers
Glitter glue (various colors)
Baby wipes
Small paint brushes (for the Timesaving Option)


Approximately 15 minutes

hand of mercy 


Neatly write “Rich in Mercy” with a permanent marker at the top of each paper. Place the papers at each seat with a marker. Equally disperse the glitter glue across the table(s) so the children may choose and share colors. Place the baby wipes in the middle of the table for easy access.


Tell the children to trace one of their hands (or ask a partner to trace their hand) on the papers in front of them. Then allow students to carefully decorate their traced hands as a symbol of their ability to be merciful to others in view of God’s rich mercy toward us. Encourage the children to use the artwork as a reminder to be merciful to others.

Timesaving Option: Bring small paintbrushes for quicker and easier application of the glitter glue.

Increased-Difficulty Option: After decorating the traced hand, children may use the markers to draw other shapes (e.g. hearts and crosses) and continue decorating their artwork.