Picture It All For Jesus

Kids use items from home to make a personalized three-dimensional picture that will help remind them how to live for Jesus.
by Annie Ortmann 


Just For Fun, Thankfulness 


5 or 6 small items each child should bring from home
Shoe box lids, or similar box lids for each child
Rubber cement, glue sticks
Hole punch, Yarn or string
Colored construction paper(optional)


Approximately 30 minutes

Note: Because children must bring several items from home, this craft must be planned and communicated a week in advance. Ask the chilren at the end of class the previous Sunday to bring 5 or 6 small items from home.

Picture if for Jesus


These items should remind them in some way about Jesus, and should be no larger then three or four inches in size.

During class, the kids will glue them onto the inside of a box lid to create a three-dimensional picture. You may want to give some examples of items they can bring, such as a comb, small action figure, photograph, trinkets, a plastic spoon, broken wristwatch, cross, large nail, candy, etc., etc. Let the children know that if they have a difficult time finding items that remind them of Jesus, to go ahead and bring whatever they can find so they have at least five items.


Give a box lid to each child. If desired, have them line the inside of the lid with colored construction paper of their choice. Punch two holes at the top of the lid and tie on yarn or string to make a hanger for the picture. Then have the children use rubber cement to glue to the different items they brought from home onto the inside of the lid. The children can also write short explanations next to each picture. You may want to help the kids with this. You can relate almost any item in some way to Jesus.

For example:
A comb could be a reminder to "always look your best for Jesus."
A broken wristwatch could be "Jesus is everlasting."
A small army action figure could represent that "we are part of God's army."
A plastic spoon for how "Jesus feeds us."
A piece of candy could even remind you of "how sweet Jesus is" in our life.

When finished, let each child display his or her picture and let them share with the class how each item reminds them about Jesus.