Jonah and the Big Fish

A whale of a craft to help kids remember the story of Jonah and that walking with God in obedience is always the best choice.


Jonah, Judging, Listening, Obedience, Walking with God


Fun Foam* fish for each child
Party favor for each child
Fish template [PDF] Click here
Jonah cutouts [PDF] Click here
Blue sequins for the eye
Notebook paper, stapler, white glue
Black marker
Thread & tape (optional)


Approximately 20 minutes

big fish
party favor   jonah


Before class, cut out one big fish for each child from Gray©Fun Foam using the “Big Fish Template.” (Construction paper can be substituted for Fun Foam but it won't last s long.) Cut out a 1/4 wide by 3 inches long strip also using Fun Foam. Print the Jonah cutouts page and cut out enough Jonahs so you have one for each child. 


Let the children glue the eye on the side of the big fish. They can also draw the eyes and mouth using markers. Place the party favor on the back side of the big fish so that the paper tongue is just on the outside of the big fish's mouth, using the ©Fun Foam strip attach the party favor to the back of the big fish using glue or staples. Do this by attaching one end of the strip on the top of the party favor and then you wrap the strip across the party favor and attach the other end of the strip under the party favor. These party favors are the type that when blown the paper tongue unrolls, when your breath is released they roll back up. (We believe you call these types of party favors "Blow-outs") Once you attach the party favor, have the children place Jonah in the middle of the party favor tongue. When they blow on the party favor mouthpiece, the big fish spits Jonah out.

Optional Ideas:
Gloria wrote saying, "I did make one adjustment for them, though, after having to chase Jonah down several times after he was "spit up." I attached a string to Jonah and to the party favor. Jonah can't go as far, but at least he won't get lost. Thank you Gloria for the great enhancement!

Cathy wrote, "I purchased a sheet of printed and colored Foamies Sticky Foam and attached it to a piece of poster board. I then cut out the Big Fish and attached a craft stick to the back using a glue stick. It makes it easier to hold the fish while spitting Jonah out. An excellent idea, thanks Cathy!

* Fun Foam can be purchased at most Arts & Craft stores, or you can substitute construction paper.