Advent Calendar

Christmas is a time of wonderful expectations. This free advent calendar will help children count down the days to Jesus' birth.


Christmas, Light, Witnessing


Advent Calendar [PDF] Click here
Advent Calendar Rails [PDF] Click here
Colored markers
Scissors, glue sticks


Approximately 25 minutes

 baby jesus - advent calendar


Print one advent calendar page and two advent calendar rail pages for each child in class.


Have students cut out six advent rails. Next, have them fold the rails in half lengthwise along the dotted lines. Children will then complete the rails by applying glue in the designated areas on both the right and left edges of the rail and then folding the rail together along the dotted line. When finished each rail will resemble a long narrow pocket.

Have students apply glue in the first designated area of the advent calendar base and then glue an advent rail within the dotted lines, ensuring that the opening of the rail is facing up towards the top of the page to create a pocket. Glue the additional five advent rails onto the base of the calendar in the same manner. Optional: Children can use the markers to decorate the rails or color the title.

Lastly, have the children cut out each of the 24 calendar days and slide them into the advent rails in numeric order, four days per rail.

Each day during the first 24 days of December children, as a family, will remove the current day's calendar day and read the verse. Children can then glue the calendar day to the front of the rail in front of the spot from where it was removed. Once done, children and their families will have a beautiful daily reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

Application: Explain to the children that Christmas is a time of wonderful expectations. Their completed advent calendar will help each of them and their families find the true meaning of Christmas while counting down the days to Jesus' birth.