Using Teaching Aids

Here you will find many useful ideas for Sunday school teachers to help with preparing a lesson, managing children, making the classroom an enjoyable place to be, and much more. Teaching Sunday school can be fun, meaningful, and easy with these useful hints.

We believe teachers should care about children and teach in fun and creative ways. Teachers should use every tool at their disposal to make their lessons meaningful and invite the children to explore all the wonders that God has to offer.


Material in this category will provide you with ideas that encourage students to attend Sunday school on a regular basis.


A collection of ideas to help your classroom run smoothly and compel students to use their best behavior.


Here you will find ideas to help you create a warm and inviting room; decor that inspires children to learn more about Jesus.


Fun activities, games, and other ideas to help kids get the Word of God into their hearts and minds.

Ministry Ideas:

Assorted ideas to help you grow your children's ministry. Church growth, community outreach, and how to plan a VBS program are just some of the ideas you will in this area.


Motivate your students to participate in class with a variety of games, activities, props, and other creative ideas.


A teacher's ability to present memorable Biblical concepts to his or her students will be greatly increased when he or she has planned for the task at hand. Tips to help teachers prepare for Sunday are provided in this section.


These are not your average snacks, but rather tasty treats that help children remember the main message of the lesson.

Story Telling:

A good storyteller makes the message come alive for the listeners. The concepts found in this section will help you  become a storytelling star. 

Resource Links:

Here you will find over 70 links to websites that offer additional resources for Sunday school teachers and children's ministry workers. 

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