Using Storybooks

The illustrations within the Storybooks help the stories come alive, as you read along.

Story Index:

Storybooks can be found within the Stories section of the website. Stories that contain storybooks will be preceded with "(Storybook Available)" at the beginning of the story description. To view the storybook, open the story, and then click on the link "For storybook version Click here."

How to Use the Storybook:

When using a laptop to present storybooks to the class, press F11 to view the storybooks in full screen. Pressing F11 again will return you to normal view. Tablets are also an excellent way to present these storybooks to your students.

To begin click on the first picture. As each picture is presented, read the text directly under the picture. To proceed with the story you can click on the current picture or use the links located on the bottom of the page to navigate forward or backwards within the story.


You also have the option to print each page of the storybook by clicking on the link "Print Page." Once printed the storybook can be read to the students like a conventional storybook.

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