Using Printables

Several categories of printables are available to help you embellish your Sunday school program with extras that make learning fun and meaningful.

Bible Cards:

All 66 books of the Bible plus 6 category cards that can be used for a variety of games and activities to help children memorize and learn the books of the Bible.


Bookmarks are a great way to say thank you, help the kids with memory work, or hand out as prizes. Just print, cut, and add a ribbon.


Achievement Award Certificates will let the children in your class know that their accomplishments are important and something to be treasured.


Postcards have a wide variety of uses, such as new student welcome packages, get well wishes, or to let someone know he or she is missed.


Posters provide a colorful yet inexpensive visual reminder of popular Biblical teachings. These posters can be displayed on your classroom wall or bulletin board.

Printables are in PDF form for easy and consistent printing. You can produce the number of copies needed using your printer or a copy machine. To print PDF files, you must have Adobe reader. To download the free program from the Adobe website, click here 

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