Using Lesson Plans

The Lesson plans in this section are ready to use in your Sunday school class. Each lesson plan focuses on one or more themes. Activities, Crafts, Object Talks, games, etc. were specifically designed to match these themes and be used in each lesson. These lessons are also listed in our Topical Index so you can easily incorporate them into your own original lesson plans. With some minor modifications, such as using open ended questions for the older children, these lesson can be used for grades 1 through 6.

The Lesson plans are arranged in series. A series may be a chronological Bible Story, such as the "Life of Moses," or a common theme such as Faith. A series may also be a group of lessons of a particular subject type, such as Miracles of Jesus. All you need to do is select the series that you want to use, and print off the pages. Additional resources and ideas may be available with some lessons. Look in the top right or left corner for these special links.

Lesson Plans follow an outline. Starting with an Opening Activity to use while kids are arriving, the lesson Plan then suggests an Opening Prayer. After the prayer, the lesson will normally contain memory challenges, an introduction to the scripture to be studied, reading the scripture, and one or more exercises that expand the application and understanding of the lesson theme. These exercises are usually linked to other pages containing specific Activities, Crafts, Object Talks, Games, etc. Some lessons will also contain alternate exercises to give you a choice, or to use to meet time considerations. Each lesson concludes with the application, an introduction to the next week's lesson in the series, and a closing prayer.

We enjoy being able to make these lesson plans available to everyone and hope you find them useful. We appreciate your prayers and support as we develop additional lesson series. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy Kid's Sunday School Place.

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