How To Use Bible Stories

Bible stories can transform a dull unimaginative classroom into a world of wonder. Stories can also add a touch of wonder as the plot helps illustrate biblical truths. Make it interactive by involving the children in the telling of the story. Stories are ideal for any classroom setting and are very useful for reinforcing the application of your lesson. 

Story Index:

The Story Index is arranged alphabetically by title, with a brief description next to each. To view the actual content, simply click on the Title. Each story has several applications that can be found at the top of the page. Use our handy Topical Indexes to find stories that go with a particular subject or lesson objective.

Story telling:

When reading a story, use different voices for each character. Sound effects really draw the children into the story. If you let the children help with the sound effects, the story becomes interactive. Ask questions as you read. For example, if your story introduces a sheep, ask the children to tell you how a sheep sounds. For more information on telling or reading stories, see Story Telling in our teaching tips section.


Many of our stories are also in Storybook form. Look for (Storybook Available) at the beginning of each story description. Our storybooks contain beautiful illustrations the children will enjoy as you read the story. For more information, see How to use Storybooks in this section.

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