Doing things in the proper order, putting God first

"What counts can't always be counted; what can be counted doesn't always count."  Albert Einstein


Time For God

An activities chart will help each child see how he or she might spend a whole Saturday. After having fun completing the charts, the kids will be able to see how much time they leave for God.


Make Time For God

A display to remind the children to spend time with God each and every day.


Dedication Necklace

Kids create a colorful necklace as a reminder to dedicate their whole lives to Jesus.


Given To The Lord

Children learn the importance of giving themselves to the Lord at an early age, and dedicating their lives to honoring God in everything that they do.

Right Priorities

After completing this lesson, the children will discover that special priority should be given to Jesus every day of our life.

The Distracted Innkeeper

In this lesson, the children will learn about the innkeeper. We will discuss some of the distractions that can get in the way of focusing on Jesus as we celebrate Christmas. We will provide some practical ways to “make room” for Jesus this Christmas.

The Rich Young Man

Through this lesson children will learn how to recognize what it is they treasure and find that their treasures will influence the way in which they live.


Who Is On The Throne?

While many things compete of our time, nothing should come before God.


Dedicating Yourself To The Lord

Mini skits about dedicating your desires, actions, and thoughts to the Lord.

Mary And Martha

From this skit about two sisters children will see how Jesus should have a priority in their life. (Skit for four)

The Monkey And The Lion

A story about forgiving the shortcomings of others to see their true worth. (Skit for three persons)

Why Go?

Why should we go to Sunday school? A skit about discipleship. (Skit for four)


The Game

A twin brother finds that putting others first instead of hiding behind a lie is the right choice.